The Outsider

The Outsider

In June 2015 Stuart Bowditch and I made a performance for Sound Kitchen 2015 at Nová Scéna in Prague.

'The Outsider' was a new collaborative piece in which Bowditch’s research into the resonant frequencies of objects was combined with a static sculptural artwork made by Kipps using plasterboard, wood and a ratchet strap. A loop of transducers, contact mics and electronics were attached to the object, enabling the sculpture to resonate at its own unique audible frequency. Using only the live feed of sound from the sculpture, Bowditch created a live, responsive musical score, reflective of the object and the environment in which people were observing it.

The artwork was made in a hotel room in Prague and was destroyed after the performance.

An audio recording of the performance can be heard here.

This piece was a continuation of other works that Bowditch and Kipps have collaborated on, including UNderstated, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (November 2013) and Proscenium, Camden People's Theatre, London (April 2014). Kipps and Bowditch also founded a project called UN-* in which artists and musicians are invited to make new works for one-off experiences in unusual venues (