Proscenium recording

Proscenium recording

Courier Sound is pleased to release the recording of Proscenium; a sculptural sound performance by Stuart Bowditch and Jon Kipps, originally performed at Camden People's Theatre in 2014.

In May 2014 Kipps had a solo show in the display window spaces of Camden Peoples’ Theatre. The Exhibition’s title ‘Proscenium’ referred to the part of a theatre in front of the stage and as an extension of the exhibition Kipps invited Bowditch to collaborate on a performance inside the theatre space itself.

Using a set up of contact mics and transducers, Bowditch managed to find a sound unique to one of Kipps' sculptures. With no need for speakers, the vibrating sculpture produced an audible note, which Bowditch then used as the sole sound source for a responsive performance. The sculpture was static and centre stage, with Bowditch performing at the side. By accompanying the sculpture with a soundscape they created a deeper, more contemplative relationship between the audience, the artwork and the sound.

The new Proscenium cassette (with download code) features a recording of this performance and includes B-side remixes by Gagarin, John Hannon and Wil Bolton. They are available to purchase as a limited edition of 60 tapes all housed in unique hand made sculptures by Kipps.Please see the Courier Bandcamp page for more information.

Since the Camden performance Kipps and Bowditch continued experimenting with sculptural performances at Nova Scena, Prague and News of The World, Deptford. In November 2016 they will be performing at Sonorities Festival, Belfast.

Photographs by Joe Lang