This is a collection of works made during a research trip to Japan. The exhibition took place in the Sculpture Department of Musashino Art University, Tokyo in November 2014.

Untitled. Burnt Sugi (180 x 50 x 140cm)

Untitled. Wood and spray paint (1.5 x 1 x 160cm)

Untitled. Washi, pen, graphite and masking tape (55 x 27 x 25cm)

7 drawings. Paint pen on laserjet prints (each 25 x 19.5cm)

Untitled. Burnt Sugi (5 x 12 x 477cm)

After my degree show at Slade I was very fortunate to receive a Boise Travel Scholarship, which funded this research trip. Musashino Art University kindly invited me to work in their studios first three weeks of my visit, before I set off around the country to see some of the oldest wooden buildings in the world.

Photos by Luigi Hororat and Jonathan Kipps