Article 25 / Jonathan Kipps

Article 25 / Jonathan Kipps

News of The World, Deptford.May-July 2015

Curated by Pierre Coinde.

Ways to read the exhibition:

1) That the works of Jonathan Kipps and that of Article 25 are not connected. One is a sculptor from Southend trained at Slade, the other a leading architectural aid charity which designs and delivers sustainable buildings in areas affected by disaster, need and poverty.

2) A move away from the flown-in, transported and delivered. Cheap materials are used, wood, paper, rubble, plasterboard, stones, mud bricks. The parts are found locally. For Article 25, they can be replaced, later, by local people. For Jon, they can be discarded.

3) Strength lies not in the monumental, the concrete and steel, the polished and the mechanically produced. Vulnerability becomes strength. A lightweight fragmented structural frame of small length timber will better absorb seismic shocks. Burnt sugi -charred wood- is more fire resistant.

4) Site-specific means the structures work in relation to their location. Adapted to their environment. Earthquake risks, instability, heat are addressed through intelligent and simple design. The sculptures read the space, appropriate the architecture and create an accommodation for smaller individual objects to operate, a protection of sorts, a shelter.

5) That structures carry their own obsolescence, but these constructions are a gesture in defiance of transience. The object points to the method of its making; the building contains the knowledge of the process. The brick-pressing, adjusting, mixing and assembling; the wrapping, rolling, folding, creasing and crumpling. The structures can be replicated.

6) Weight, materiality, density, surface and the idea that what is inside and unseen affect our perception of the structure as much as its visible characteristics. This is a rock made of paper. This is a school for former child soldiers.

7) That adequate standard of living is a right. That continuity of the present is not the way to be future-proof.


Truss. Burnt wood, 4.06m x 1.2m x 1m

Monument. Plasterboard and wood (2 parts). 50cm x 50cm x 260cm and 65cm x 55cm x 90cm

Untitled. Spray paint and paper. 70cm x 40cm x 80cm

Untitled. Spray paint and paper. 55cm x 40cm x 50cm

Photographs and architectural models by Article 25

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Article 25