Arches with Velvet Curtains

Arches with Velvet Curtains

Frank Kent and Jonathan Kipps                                   

Royal Academy West Yard, July 2017  

Arches, Plasterboard & wood (3.3m x 1.6m x 1.9m)

The West Yard is a little-known, disused Victorian passage running parallel to the Burlington Arcade. Normally out-of-bounds to the public, this space is being opened up for Mayfair Art Weekend to house a new collaborative installation by London-based artists Frank Kent and Jonathan Kipps.

The impressive wooden door that normally blocks the view of West Yard will be open, with a large velvet curtain by Kent. The curtain, visible from Piccadilly, marks the entrance to the installation and gives way to reveal a new sculptural work by Kipps and a second curtain by Kent. With a combination of low-fi plasterboard construction and column-like shapes, Kipps’s sculpture draws attention to West Yard’s contrasting surroundings and its relationship to affluent Mayfair, while Kent’s fabric works divide the space, revealing and obscuring views and providing a shifting sense of scale.

Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Arts, photos 1,3 & 4 © David Parry, other photos © Jonathan Kipps